Sponsorship Opportunities

Dacorum P.S.F.A are currently looking for team sponsors. If you are interested in sponsorship, please e-mail Luke on l.nicholls@kingslangley-pri.herts.sch.uk

There is ready and easily accessible way for businesses large or small to promote themselves, consider becoming a sponsor of Dacorum P.S.F.A.

We are one of the more successful district primary football teams in Hertfordshire. There is a package that can be tailored to suit everyone as negotiations are very much on a one-to-one basis. Direct sponsorship has many benefits.

Opportunities for sponsors:
·        Full team sponsorship results featuring on first team shirts
·        Sponsorship of individual players
·        Pitch perimeter boards
·        Sponsorship of an End of Season Award
·        Sponsorship of match day, pitch or the football
·        Membership to the team 100 club

Benefits to sponsors:
·        Advertising at home games through pitch perimeter boards
·        Supporting the local community
·        Added to the sponsors page of the Dacorum P.S.F.A handbook
·        Sponsors will added to the ‘links’ section of the first page of the team blog
·        Invitation to games
·        Regular updates about the performance of the team
·        Team photograph for sponsors

It is our policy to encourage sponsors and club members to use those businesses and individuals who support us.